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Saturday August 23th 2014
Important Notice to IDS Customers and Vendors,

In an effort to continually improve our services, IDS will be upgrading communication to our website to https://www.invoicedeliveryservices.com on Saturday August 30th. This upgrade will improve the security of your connection to IDS by adding a 128-bit encryption layer.

No action is needed as a result of this upgrade. Your connection should not be negatively affected and service should remain uninterrupted.

If you have questions related to this notice, please email IDS Support at contactiit@invoicedeliveryservices.com
Thank You

IDS ImageInvoice Tracker is an IDS portal that has two main components:

1. Invoice Entry

This allows hospital & university suppliers to manually enter customer invoices that are then delivered directly into the customer accounts payable system for payment processing.

2. Invoice Tracking

This provides hospital & university suppliers visibility into the status of their invoices (e.g. received, processed, approved, awaiting payment, paid). It is a reflection of the information in your customers’ Accounts Payable system.

It is designed to provide invoice status information to suppliers such as yourself so that you no longer need to contact each customer to acquire this information.

To learn more about our Invoice Tracking functionality click here.

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